This isn't cartoon related, but I invest lots of my own money into my art projects and cartoons and I've been running low on cash, so I started a media production business and I need clients!!!!

If you need a professional website, video, or anything I'm your man!  Here's the website for my business called DDC Media Solutions:

- Daniel

My cartoon series, Buncha Guys, is now on web series channel at the following link:

Here's the first 2 episodes in case you missed it!  I'm currently writing episdoe 3 now, make sure to follow on Newgrounds and Subscribe on YouTube.  I can sure use the support!


I thought they may of kept it but I guess the video portal is only for cartoons.  Anyways, here is a live-action mentos commercial parody I made:



Attention musicians!  I am finishing up the second episode for my ambitious series 'Buncha Guys' and need some help.

The 2nd episode will feature a short live-action commerical parody of those old mentos commericials.  I am looking for someone to re-create the mentos theme-song for me while putting their own twist on it.  No lyrics are needed, just the music.  

The original song can be found here:

Please drop me a message or email if you are interested!

Here's some screen shots:




I'm producting the 2nd episode of my animated series called Buncha Guys, and need some help.  If you are interested send me an email at  I need the following help:

Composer: I need old-style videogame music similar to the music in Mike Tyson's punchout.  Please include link (s) to previous work you have done.

Singer with Norweigian or funny foreign accent: This is needed for a live-action commercial parody in the cartoon.  If you are interested email me some links to your work and I will send you audition lines.

I finished the website for my animated web series called Buncha Guys.
The first episode will be uploaded to Newgrounds on Saturday, September 21st.

In the meantimeClick here to check out the site. The first episode took over a year to make and I was able to collaborate with a lot of talented people. Can't wait for you to see it!

My New Channel

2013-06-10 12:49:07 by WeirdoGoon

So this is my new channel; I made cartoons for years under my old alias COOPERsPLANET, but now it's time to begin a new chapter.

I've been spending that past year or so developing an animated web series called 'Buncha Guys.' The pilot episode is almost done, and I was lucky enough to collaborate will lots of other talented artists while making it.

The pilot episode should be done in a month or so, it will be between 5 and 6 minutes long. You follow the progress of this series on my facebook page:

My New Channel